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Who we are

At Rooted Education, we share your passion for supporting and equipping all students for success. With 28 years of administrative experience, we are dedicated to helping school leaders navigate the complexities of the ever-changing educational landscape. We partner with administrators and teacher leaders to create safe, supportive, and inclusive learning environments where all can thrive.

Our customized approach to success includes collaborating with educational leaders to develop targeted plans that meet the specific needs of their learning community. Our commitment to continuous learning and growth is reflected in our leadership coaching services which provide targeted support and guidance to help leaders overcome challenges, navigate adversities, and expand leadership capacity.

At Rooted Education, our goal is to enable education teams to work together effectively to achieve common goals and bring about positive change in schools and communities…

We are here to help you succeed!!

an overview of rooted Education Services

Adaptive Schools Foundation Training, a registered trademark of Thinking Collaborative, provides individual and collective skills development as collaborators, inquirers, and leaders. Participants discover easy, proven strategies to help guarantee successful results while building capacity for a professional community focused on improved student learning.

Rooted Education offers a unique and customizable approach to assist in the development of high impact, autonomous teams. Through exploration and dialogue, teams become a community of trust and connectedness based on common beliefs, leadership principles, and shared mission.

Rooted Education offers personalized 1-on-1 leadership coaching. We provide a safe, reflective framework for self-directed clarification and growth of your leadership capacity by intentionally aligning your WHO, WHAT and HOW as a leader.

Rooted Education speaker, Dr. Trey Moeller, reminds us in his inspirational message of gratitude, empathy, perseverance and overcoming that we are "Agents of Hope" for our students, colleagues and friends.

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about us

Trey Moeller, Ed. D. is an experienced educator and administrator with a passion for developing the capacities of teachers and leaders. He began his career teaching mathematics and coaching multiple sports before moving into administration, serving as athletic director, assistant principal, and principal over the years. With a doctorate in educational leadership and 35 years of experience, Trey has also served as Assistant Superintendent of Schools for Instructional Services and most recently as Superintendent of Schools during which he led the district through the challenges of a worldwide pandemic. Additionally, as a Training Associate for Thinking Collaborative, he helps individuals and organizations establish structures for effective thinking and collaboration.

Michelle Moeller has a background in business education and graphic design. Trey and Michelle have been married for over 35 years and have two adult children, Trachelle and Trenton. Trenton and his wife Allison are both educators in Kentucky. Trachelle’s life story, impacted by a medical condition since she was two and a half months old, has had an inspirational impact on the lives of many.

Rooted together we grow greatness!

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Great results!